The blog is moving

Mon, 28th July

Hello. I have two things to announce. Well, three things, kinda.

Thing #1; I’m moving this blog. For those of you who are subscribed, the old feed is now redundant, so feel free to unsubscribe. You can find the new blog at my website (

Thing #2; the new blog is not a blog, it’s just a place where I can display my work for anyone who wants to look at it. I realise that I have been neglecting this thing for quite some time now, I simply have no time to try and maintain a regular blog.

So, this is the end. Everything is being moved to my website.

Goodbye, old blog.

What, what about thing #3? Right, thing #3 is that my output, in both frequency and volume, is going to see a significant decrease soon. Photography is just one of many interests I have and quite honestly I would like to pursue other things for a while. So, yeah.

Thanks, hopefully you’ll stop by the new site and say “hello”. It’s fun!


Calling all music writers!

Sun, 13th January

The Line Of Best Fit – a website which I regularly contribute to – is currently looking for music journalists to write about bands, and review gigs and releases, Something In Construction called The Line Of Best Fit “the UK’s best new music site”, so, if you’re a music journo, or you think you are, click the picture below!

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